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Living as a student during COVID-19

Updated: May 31, 2020

It al

l started as a rumor. Word began spreading around campus that Purdue may be the next in a now long list of colleges and universities to move to online classes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But Purdue has a history of being stubborn about cancelling clases for any reason. So while some students were already packing their bags and booking their flights home, I started the day like it was business as usual.

However, things began to change very quickly. Quicker than I think a lot of us has expected. Once Purdue announced an indefinite switch to online classes, many students headed for home at the first chance they had. However, the virus did not have a strong presence in the U.S yet so I was determined to go on vacation with my girlfriend. I got many weird looks and my roomates demanded I quarentine when I return, but I was not going to let this virus ruin my plans. At the time, I had more faith in the government to act quickly to contain or prevent the spread of the virus. But just a few days into my vacation, that appeared not to be the case.

The first few days were normal. We knew our plans could change soon so we checked off the top things on our list first. By the third day though, many beaches and restaurants were closed. California has gone into a state-wide lockdown and there were rumors that Florida would soon follow. We still made our own fun though and spent time at the pool before it closed. We tried to make the best of things while the world was moving closer and closer to a crisis it had never seen before.

Flights were being cancelled left and right but our flight was still on schedule, so we weren't too worried. But then it happened. I got the dreaded notification that our flight was cancelled and we had to rebook. While others may have panicked, I knew it was imporant to keep calm and just make a plan. We got the flight rebooked and we headed home a day early, probably for the best.

Soon after we got home though, Indiana imposed a stay-at-home order and I knew I was gonna be stuck at home for a long time.

It has been just over a week now, but quarentine life has proven to be quite boring. My classes were fairly easy to change over and a lot of the homework was easy to get ahead on. And with many exams turning to open book exams, I have not been too worried about studying like I would for a normal exam.

Some professors have struggled with the switch to online. Others who have taught online versions on the class just uploaded all their content and made that the new course. The switch for students however has been much more stressful.

All across the country, students are returning to homes that may have no Internet, there may be family drama and tensions that make it hard to focus. Or the sheer boredom and isolation that comes from a nationwide quarentine makes it hard to stay motivated and in a good mood. It's important though, to stay focused and to get creative in these hard times.

Here are some tips and ideas to make quarentine life as a student a bit more liveable.

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